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Calling standard reports/transactions using JCo

Expert Austin Sincock discusses the possible uses of JCo to call standard reports and transactions in SAP.

Is there any method using which I can call standard SAP reports / transactions USING JCo?

I am often asked whether JCo allows you to easily create Web (Java) enabled reports. The short answer is 'no', the long answer is 'yes, with a little effort'. If you have written your report in ABAP, then you need to go into the Function Builder, add in and outbound parameters (and structures and tables), and check the 'RFC Enabled' field under the Administration tab. By RFC enabling your report, you can use JCo to call and retrieve data as you would with any RFC. Unfortunately, that is the only way that R/3 allows you to retrieve reports using JCo. Reporting typically involves a great deal of metadata, which JCo is unable to work with at this time.

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