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CRM and BW training for an SD expert

I have strong experience in SD module (Functional) and is very confident in almost all the sub-modules of SD. I also have worked for time in SM module. I understand ABAP and is comfortable with debugging problems or designing a report, user exit, etc. However, I am not SAP certified. I am thinking I must add to my profile by going for education & certification at SAP. The modules which interest me are BW and SAP CRM. What is your advice? Also, do I need to go for training for SAP Enterprise?

Sounds like you have a nice background in the SD module. In terms of your interest in CRM, I have written before on SAP CRM, so you'll want to read my answers on in previous columns. But as for your situation, investing in training and certification would certainly round out your skills. And you are right, CRM does seem to be a logical extension of your core SD background. I believe SAP offers training in CRM Service, which supposedly will be replacing the Service Management (SM) module, so that might be one option which would build on your current skills. Investing in training during a tight market can be frustrating, because you don't always see an immediate result. It would be nice if recruiters started calling you because of your new training but that's not how it works. However, in this market, you need every edge you can get, and proactive investments in your own training can certainly provide that. As for BW versus CRM, either avenue is possible for you, but the CRM training does relate more directly to your current SD skills. Finally, in terms of Enterprise training, I wouldn't worry about that as much. The best way to get Enterprise skills in the near future will be to get involved with an Enterprise upgrade project.

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