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Books to read to prepare for BW certification

Wondering how to prepare for the BW certification exam -- specifically, which texts will help you prepare for the exam? BI/BW expert Jay Narayanan explains the differences between exam versions and which texts will help you prepare.

You mentioned not long ago that a combination of work experience, consultating online documentation and reading BW texts is a good strategy for preparing for the BW certification exam. That sounds reasonable and I am taking your advice. But you didn't mention any specific book titles. Could you please give some recommendations?
There are multiple certification exams for BW since 2004. You can either take the exam for a technical consultant or for a solutions consultant. Each one of the exams has BW 3.0 and BW 3.5 versions.

Check the content and weightage of the exam which you are planning to take from the SAP website at http://www50.sap.com/useducation/certification. Then select the books based on this content.

I don't think there is one book with all the information required to pass the exam. If you are a beginner I would advise you to go through the book SAP BW -- A Step by Step Guide written by Biao FU and Henry FU or Mastering Business Warehouse by Kevin McDonald. Be advised that these books won't have information on BW 3.X.

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