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Blank value fields in IDocs

This user has a requirement that all IDoc data, including null values, flow from his outbound processor to a SAP legacy system. However, he can't view the null values in the IDoc. Our expert explains why this is and remedies how to meet the user's requirement.

We are using CREMAS04 for vendor master outbound processing from SAP to legacy via XI as middleware. We are triggering the IDoc through a change pointer by executing BD21.

Now, if we are in change mode (XK02) and we blank out any field in the vendor master, for example the NAME2 field,...

that field is not reflected in the IDoc that is created. The requirement is that any such change should flow into legacy. Can there be a field in an IDoc with a null value?

The blanked out field is still there, it is simply not displayed by the IDoc editor (WE02). IDocs use fixed length and fixed field structure so empty fields are transported as a sequence of blanks. Try reading the IDoc with a small ABAP from table EDID4 and see what is actually in there.

data: tedid4 type table of edid4.
select * from edid4 where docnum eq '000000000012345678'.

Or, use SE16 and display the IDoc in ALV-List-Viewer. The ABAP listing won't display the IDoc raw data.

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