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Blank notification instead of user decision in a workflow

Expert Alon Raskin, identifies the problem where the USER DECISION field in a workflow is showing a blank notification even though it launched a successful email.

The task is to create a user decision step between the start of workflow and the end of workflow. I can succesfully send the email but the problem is with the "USER DECISION" I create. When I'm testing it, it is blank where it should be asking a question for my decision like "yes" or "no" which I maintain in "OUTCOME NAME" but it doesn't do anything. A blank notification is being mailed where nothing can be inputted and I don't understand what I am missing.
Well, its hard to say exactly why you are not seeing anything. But if I were to take a guess at the problem I would check to make sure that you have the latest SAP GUI patches applied to your installation of SAP GUI. I recall seeing an issue where a work item would not display because of a SAP GUI problem. Applying the latest patches to your SAP GUI should do the trick.

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