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Best way to use prior experience but learn SAP Basis in a new environment

I am experienced in Windows 2000/2003, Solaris/Linux and some Cisco. How do I move into the SAP Basis administration arena?

I am currently working as a network/systems administrator. I am experienced in Windows 2000/2003, Solaris/Linux and some Cisco. I want to move into the SAP Basis administration arena. How can I do that?

How do I land a job where they accept my prior experience but give me a chance to learn SAP on their environment?

Your question is the classic one: "How do I get my first SAP break?" You are thinking correctly that your networking background would be relevant to SAP Basis roles. The key is to find an SAP environment that is using as many of your technical skills as possible.

The technical architecture and operating systems of SAP projects vary from company to company. So, do some research and find out which SAP users are running on platforms that relate to your skills, and apply for technical roles in those companies. Even if your first position is not going to give you that much SAP exposure, you are better off working into SAP from within.

So, take a job in an SAP environment and get closer and closer to the project. And as for doing that research, that's the hardest part. To a certain degree, job boards like SearchSAP.com's can help you -- you can type in SAP and other keywords from your skill set and see which kinds of relevant positions come up.

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