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Best method for renaming accounts in SAP R/3 Enterprise

Looking to rename hundreds of accounts in SAP R/3 Enterprise? Get expert advice here. SAP application development expert Matt Billingham describes the options.

I need to rename 300 accounts in my R/3 Enterprise system to meet new naming conventions, and I would like to automate the process. I know I could use a CATT script, but these account names are being changed in other systems that can be automated via network procedures. Is there a way to pass an RFC command to the R/3 instance to rename accounts?
If there is a BAPI, that will certainly be able to be used as an RFC. Otherwise a developer will be able to write a program using BDC which can be wrapped in an RFC-enabled function module.

Also, never underestimate the cost of doing it manually, using agency personnel. I worked on one site where this was done for several thousand data entry tasks -- for considerably less than the cost of writing a program!

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