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Best NetWeaver component to add to SAP XI

Expert Jon Reed offers some helpful suggestions to an SAP XI pro hoping to learn one more SAP NetWeaver component.

Currently I am working on SAP XI and I am interested to add one more NetWeaver component to my skill set. Can you please suggest whether I should go with MDM or EP or BI along with XI? Which component is a good combination for XI?
The great thing about XI work is that it rubs up against virtually all of the other NetWeaver components. In terms of actual project work, the most common combination I have seen to date is XI and Portals work. This is often wrapped around a classic "Basis" skill set.

I haven't seen BI and XI together much lately, but I could see that combination work well. I have seen the XI and MDM combination from time to time, but we have yet to see an explosion of MDM job orders. One thing I find is that you don't have to worry too much about chasing something to mix with XI. All you really need to do is work on as many XI projects as you can, and go naturally towards the areas that you are asked to master. For example, what if you decide to pursue BI and XI, but the work you are asked to do involves Portals and XI? Therefore, it pays off to not get too theoretical about what makes the best skills mix. A better idea is to let your project work lead the way.

And of course, the more phone calls you get from recruiters about a particular skill you have, the more you should pursue it. If you let the market decide, you will almost always make a good choice for your skills choice.

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