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Benefits and drawbacks of a SAP implementation

What are the major benefits and drawbacks (consequences) with SAP implementation? If you see it from a Commercial, Technical and Human (employees) point of view?

What are the major benefits and drawbacks (consequences) with SAP implementation? If you see it from a Commercial,...

Technical and Human (employees) point of view?

There are many benefits to implementing an integrated solution such as SAP. Commercial benefits would include having a single source for your financial information. Capturing your business transactions in one location allows you to easily review inventory, customer and vendor activity. On the technical side, a solution on a single platform will enable easier maintenance and support, reducing costs. Having a consolidated system means fewer interfaces to support. By having a single system of record your human resources will become familiar with terminology associated with this data and the standard processes. This may improve communication and create a work force that is easier to transfer between roles. Any drawbacks to such a solution would depend on the amount of restrictions you choose to place on your environment. New business solutions may have to fit within the current system, technology must be compatible and human resources must adapt to handle data in certain standard processes.

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SAP does not provide stock and sales statement, which is the first need of any organisation. in stock ledger it does not show invoice no, without it, it is useless. Pankaj