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Beginner question about SAP hostname and IP

My installation is stuck at 68%. I can't connect to SVRMGR30 -- it keeps on asking me the password of Internal. Please advise what could be wrong.

I am very new to SAP and I had a problem while installing SAP R/3 4.6C. I am using Win2K server (service Pack 4) as the OS and an Oracle DB.

My installation is stuck at 68%. I can't connect to SVRMGR30 -- it keeps on asking me the password of Internal. Please advise what could be wrong. Also, Some more questions:

1. If there is a problem with installation, how do we reverse the installation? What parameter should we change? (in central.r3s and db_ides.r3s or ext?) Please advise me on the steps to go through.

2. If there is a problem with installation and I am looking to reinstall the SAP and database from the scratch, how do I do so? What registry needs to be deleted? Or do we just uninstall the database and delete the SAP folders? Is there any registry need to be deleted manually ?

3. I am using broadband currently. After getting the IP address from DHCP, the IP is
IP : 192.168.XXX.XXX
subnet :
Gateway : 192.168.XXX.YYY

Is it possible if I fix this as Fix IP address to install SAP? Based on the installation guide that I have, all the settings are pointing with create fix IP address such as and without any gateway. Just thinking to use my IP address in order to access the Internet too. So I will just put the hosts file as below:

How about the DNS server -- should I put something as per what my DHCP gave previously or leave it blank? Sorry for such a silly question. As I said, I am very new to SAP.

The problem with SVRMGR30 is probably caused by insufficient permissions on the NT domain. Did you install SAP as the domain administrator?

For troubleshooting this issue, have a look in OSS NOTE 50088: Creating OPS$ Users on Windows NT. It explains how to create the OPS$ users on Oracle / Windows NT.

1. and 2. Delete the installation directory, de-install SAP and RDBMS using the add/remove programs functionality of Windows. Services and registry values should be automatically deleted. In addition, delete any remaining SAP folders.

3. You should always use a fixed IP for SAP. The hostname and IP should be configured in DNS. This is the only way to assure that external applications(interfaces) can connect to SAP.

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