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Begin an SAP career with end-user support

Expert Jon Reed acknowledges then explains why end-user support is an excellent avenue into SAP.

I am currently doing end-user support for the FI/CO module in my company and will get the chance to handle projects in-house on an ongoing basis. Eventually, I hope to be an SAP consultant.

Is going through end-user support the right way to get the relevant experience in FI/CO? I have prior experience in neither SAP nor accounting but would like to move into this area. How can I get the relevant experience in this current situation?

End-user support is a good start with SAP. You can gradually move into a super-user type of role as you prove yourself. This can position you to move into the hands-on implementation role.

At some point, you have to get the configuration experience, and some companies won't let their own employees get those skills for a variety of reasons, including the risk of losing their employees to the open market. But yet, end-user support is a proven way to move into SAP.

The ideal is to get more and more sophisticated, designing and delivering training, managing help desks, serving as a link to the functional teams, etc. Over time, you try to become a real functional expert and hopefully you get rewarded with a role on the configuration side during an upgrade cycle.

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