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Basis versus BW

An SAP professional doesn't have to choose Basis over BW and vice versa. It is possible, as described in this expert response by Jon Reed, to have proficiencies in both and carry on a successful career.

I am a certified Basis consultant. I had worked in SAP for two years before moving to a solution architect role in 2001. This role was not specific to SAP and I did generic (.NET/Java/App management) solution design.

I miss the Basis consulting and would like to get back into it. I plan to start working as an independent consultant in a year's time. My friends advised me to train on BW and move into that area.

For the medium term, which option do you think will work best for me: traditional Basis work or BW?

I'm not sure you have to choose between BW and Basis. There are some very successful consultants who have combined the two areas into one focus. Since you have previous experience on the Basis side, I would tend to say that Basis might be a better initial focus for you as you move back into SAP. But there's an old piece of wisdom that is always helpful: go where the opportunities are.

As you put your resume out there, you'll get a good feeling for the demand for your skills. Certainly, BW training won't hurt your overall marketability on either the Basis or BW side, so in that sense, it may be a worthwhile investment for you.

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