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Basic pointers on workflow

Is workflow template is client-independent or client-dependent? How do I transport workflow template from a server(client A) to another server (client B)?

Could you please give me some basic pointers about workflow? Q1: Is workflow template is client-independent or...

client-dependent? Q2: How do I transport workflow template from a server(client A) to another server (client B)? Q3: Where can I learn more about workflow?

A1: Workflow templates are client independent, however, some of the configuration associate with them is client dependent.
A2: Workflows are transported using the standard SAP transport Mechanism (TMS). When you create/change a workflow you will be prompted for a change request. When that transport is released, your workflow will be transported to the target system.
A3: In a previous question I have recommended that people go through the tutorial that is available on SAPNET or at http://help.sap.com. However, I will say, that there is no substitute for a good instructor. A good instructor can show you how to avoid pitfalls and implement efficient workflows. These are not the sort of things that are covered in the tutorial.

This was last published in October 2001

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