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Backup error with DB13

In this ATE, Bert Vanstechelman reviews solutions to a backup error with DB13

I have a production server running on Windows NT with SAP R/3 version 4.6B. When trying to schedule a backup job using DB13, the job will not commence and I receive an error message. There is no action log generated while in the job log, and it shows that the job is released but there is no start time assigned. If I schedule the same job again using DB13 and use the 'start immediate' option, the previous job starts and runs successfully. Due to this problem, I have to manually run all the backups -- online db, online logs and redo logs -- using the start immediate option, which is not feasible. Do you have any advice?

The best thing to do would be to open an OSS Message.

Are you entering the start date and time correctly? Did you set 'period weeks' to 1; which implies that the job will be repeated each week on the same date and time?

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