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BW outsourced?

One company is outsourcing BW tasks and expert Jon Reed doesn't think this will be the last of it. Check out how to keep your BW skills in demand.


I have been working with SAP BW for around six years. For three years I have been fully involved -- preparing data, data uploads, creating InfoCubes, reporting, etc. Problem is, the company I work for has started slowly outsourcing SAP work to India. I am wondering what the future of SAP BW is? Should I stay with BW, get certified and become a real BW guru or it's time to learn new module to avoid the outsourcing ax?

This is the first I've heard of BW work being outsourced, but I suspect it won't be the last. BW folks out there should make a note of this. I can see how BW could be outsourced in some cases, though I would think it would vary by company. Some companies place too much strategic value in the data warehouse and business intelligence model to allow it to be farmed out -- though you could also see an international company moving work to its subsidiaries which is not that different from outsourcing in terms of its impact on localized consulting.

Overall, I feel pretty good about the future of BW. In terms of the so-called mySAP products, BW was the first one that began shipping as part of the mySAP ERP core offering, and you see an increasing usage of BW on SAP customer sites.

I think the key with BW is to make sure to either focus on it and become a true expert, or look to combine it with other compelling functional or technical areas. BW doesn't work in isolation of other products, so there are always interesting ways of combining BW that few consultants have, such as BW-HR work. If you decide to become a real BW guru, make sure you have a long-term passion for business intelligence. It's that passion to learn and master the best practices in your field which will give a structure to your technical skills and help you to know what's next.

And yes, if you decide to go that route and become a "BW guru," then getting certified in BW might help you to advance even further. Another option is to get certified in a related area that will help you to break into it, such as SEM, which is obviously very tightly integrated with BW at this point.

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