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BUS1001(in 4.0B) vs. BUS1001006 (in 4.6C)

I am working with SAP 4.0B and SAP 4.6C. Can you please tell the similarities/differences between business objects related with materials i.e., BUS1001(in 4.0B) and BUS1001006 (in 4.6C)?
I have written a function module (custom defined) to create an IDoc when material is created or changed and I have attached my FM with 'CREATE' event in BUS1001. It is working fine with BUS1001 in 4.0B. But it is not triggering IDoc when I have attached with BUS1001 in 4.6C. SAP says that business object is obsolete. I have also tried BUS1001006, but it is not working either. Any thoughts?

I have taken a look at BUS1001 and the create method is definitely obsolete (we are on version 4.6C). You should not use this method as SAP will not support it. You should definitely use Business Object BUS1001006. BUS1001006 is subtype of BUS1001.

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