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Avoid joining an unethical consulting company

Learn Joshua Greenbaum's advice for one recent graduate considering a position with an unethical consulting company.

I have been approached by a consulting firm that offered to train me on SAP and then place me in a position. I have been told that my resume will be created such a way that I will look experienced. I have great learning skills so I can manage, but I am just skeptical about getting a job with my background and merely an SAP certification. What do you think?
Are they actually saying they will pad your resume and pawn you off as more experienced than you really are? I hope the ethical question this brings up isn't lost on you or anyone reading this. Nothing is more infuriating – and all too common – than the credential inflation practiced by unscrupulous consulting firms. Virtually all implementation failures are the result of incompetence or worse on the part of the implementation company, and passing off inexperienced consultants as experienced is a good way to bring in a project over budget and out of time.

My advice is to take your excellent learning skills and degree and go find an employer more worthy of your talents. Starting off on the wrong foot with the wrong consulting company is a sad way to begin a brilliant career.

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