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Avoid directly calling a JCo connection from a JSP

Want to present direct JCo connection from a JSP? Use this code to call an RFC with this advice from SAP/ Java development expert Austin Sincock.

We are using SAP EP6 (NetWeaver). We are using ASP code to call an RFC in SAP. It was working fine, but for some reason, we are planning to use JSP code for the same. I created sample JSP code just for testing -- it's working for now. I also made some standalone Java programs to call RFC -- which is also working. I'd like to know what sample JSP code will call an RFC.
Typically, you don't want a JSP invoking a JCo connection directly. I would recommend invoking a standard Java object that contains your JCo code from a JSP. This way you don't have a lot on non-HTML/JSP scriptlet code in your JavaServer Page.

However, check out my article Build a Java Web Application for SAP Right Now to see how to call a JCo from inside a JSP.

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