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Automated system for finding Tcodes/programs and the tables/structures they utilize

Is there a tabular link between Tcodes/programs and the tables/structures they utilize? This tip describes how to find Tcodes/programs and the tables/structures they utilize.

Is there a tabular link between Tcodes/programs and the tables/structures they utilize?

SE80 allows me to visually sift through items one by one, but an automated method is needed. I've been looking for the answer to this for some time.

Based on a previous question, "Finding the transaction code for populating a table", it strikes me that there must be a link somewhere. How could I join DD02T & DD03L & DD04T (easy) to TSTC or TRDIR?

The outcome would be to produce dataflow and usage models in our rather oddly-customized SAP R/3 Enterprise system.

Try WBCROSSGT -- with OTYPE "TY", NAME = table/structure name. In the return results, you've got INCLUDE, which is your ABAP program, and DIRECT, INDIRECT and COMPONENT -> direct use, indirect use and component use.

You've still got a bit of work to do to find the main ABAP for your include. The table you need for this is WBCROSSI -- OTYPE "IC", NAME = your include, INCLUDE = the include in which NAME is included, MASTER = the main program.

In older systems there are the tables D010TAB and D010INC which contain the same information, differently organized.

This was last published in October 2005

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