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Audit settings

Changing audit settings in SAP Basis.

During an audit I came across these settings:

a) SE06, System change option: "All objects can be changed with Workbench Organizer"

b) SCC4, Client-independent object changes: "No changes to Repository and client-independent custom.obj."

I have been told that option a) should not be a problem because option b) will not allow changes to client-independent tables. Is this correct? I have difficulties finding an answer. In fact, I am looking for the consequences of the possible settings of these options.

That's correct. The setting "No changes to Repository and client-independent custom obj." does not allow any client independent modifications. This setting is suitable for production systems.

However, these two settings (system change option via SE06 or SE03 and client change options via SCC4) should be set as best as possible. Depending on the type of change someone attempts to the system, he/she will get an error denying the changes if both 'doors' have not been opened in the system.

In a production server it is highly recommended to set the System Change Options to NOT modifiable and the Client Change Option to allow NO changes for the repository.

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