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Are J2EE components kept in the ABAP Data Dictionary?

J2EE components reside completely outside of the R/3 application server, explains expert Austin Sincock.

I'm just starting to get familiar with the J2EE Environment, and I have a question: Are the J2EE components kept in the (ABAP) Data Dictionary, or is there another place in which those components are located?

No, J2EE components reside completely outside of the R/3 application server. Relying on BAPIs and RFCs for SAP communication, J2EE components are built and deployed within a Java application server. This specialized server provides total transactional and resource control for J2EE components in addition to offloading traffic from the R/3 application server.

SAP's Web Application Server provides a built-in Java application server, which can be used to deploy J2EE components. At this point, there are no indications that SAP will use the Data Dictionary to store even these Java components. The basic premises behind Enterprise Java and ABAP are fundamentally different and would require a modification of the Data Dictionary to create compatibility for the two types.

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