Aligning bar codes on an SAP Smart Form

An SAP user is trying to align a barcode in the center of a defined window on an SAP Smart Form.

We are using SAP ECC 6.0.

I'm currently using Smart Forms and am trying to align a barcode in the center of a defined window, but am not able to do so. How can I do this? I have tried using "paragraph formats," etc., but it only works for text, and not barcodes.

A barcode can be tricky to align on a Smart Form. And, as I am sure you've discovered, print preview (to the screen) does not really show you where it will appear on the printed page. In my experience, the best strategy is simply to pick a starting anchor spot (e.g. using centimeter-based coordinates), note where the barcode actually prints (e.g. with a centimeter-based ruler), then re-adjust, re-print and re-measure. It sounds tedious but it shouldn't take long.

One caveat: To avoid surprises and rework, be sure to test on a printer make/model that approximates the eventual production printer.

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