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Advice on field exits in a 4.6x environment

Read expert advice on using field exits in R/3 4.6x in this expert tip from applcation development guru Matt Billingham.

I have been trying very hard to find out the answer to the missing "Field Exits" in 4.6x environment. While SAP continues to support the concept and existence of "Field Exits" in 4.6x somewhat indirectly, they also seem to be hinting towards "not to use" them. My question to you is what is the SAP prescribed/recommended equivalent concept to "Field Exits" in 4.6 environment. Are Business-Add Ins supposed to be the exact replacements for "Field Exits" as they existed in 4.0B? Having to develop custom code around a data element and not worry about the specific usage in various programs is very good feature which we have grown to love and depend in 4.0B environment. Any advise/clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Exits are frozen in 46c. That is, SAP will no longer develop them. The functionality of them will continue to exist, and presumably, be supported. See OSS note 29377.

It does seem that SAP are discouraging the use of field exits. Their implementation is rather different from other user exits. My advice would be to look at the field exits you have, and see if there is a different way of implementing the functionality - perhaps using Business-Add Ins. It may well be that sometime in the future, field exits will no longer exist.

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