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Adding a default back into the SAP printer list via SPAD

Wondering the best way to return the default printer to the printer list via SDAP? SAP Basis expert Giovanni Davila tells one reader how.

My company deleted all of the definitions for the LP01 default from SAP from SPAD, and now we're running into issues. Can you please tell me how to go about adding LP01 back into the printer list via SPAD? I am really looking for the printer definitions.
Use transaction SPAD, switch to "change" mode , click "output devices" and click "create".

Here is the definition for output device "LP01":

Short name: LP01
Device type: HPLJIIID : HP Laserjet 3 serie
Device class: standard printer
Access method: L: Print Locally Using LP/LPR

This is just a dummy output device and I've deleted with no problems. I'm thinking that you may have background jobs using it, and that's why you're running into problems.

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