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ATG/Dynamo vs. SAP portals

How does ATG/Dynamo compare to SAP portals?

How does ATG/Dynamo compare to SAP portals?

Without going into lot details on all aspects of ATG and SAP portals solutions, here are just a very few things to say. Both SAP and ATG Portal solution consists of several components. Dynamo is a J2EE engine and Application Server for the ATG Portal platform. Dynamo is similar to SAP J2EE engine 6.10 (formerly In-Q-My 4.3.5) part of SAP?s Web Applications Server used in SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0x platform. One of the strength in Dynamo Application Server frameworks is that it offers universal modeling and workflows (Scenario) technology to build collaborative components. This feature is not part of SAP Web Application Server but rather embedded in the SAP Exchange Server. The object modeling paradigm and tools (in SAP Exchange Server) are still under work (evolving) and not as sophisticated compared to what ATG provides today (visually and through drag and drop.) ATG is an IBM technology partner as well.

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