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ALE versus SAP XI

Find out what benefits SAP XI has over ALE and vice versa in this expert response by Andre Truong.

We are currently running ALE in our company. How can SAP XI serve our business and reduce costs?
ALE is a great SAP technology that came way ahead of XI. Its purpose is also different. ALE is more about connecting SAP systems and integrating SAP processes together whereas XI is more appropriate in an enterprise-wide integration architecture where heterogeneous systems and processes need to be integrated. For example, XI would be more suitable in an EAI strategy whereas ALE would be just fine for point-to-point integration projects between different SAP systems.

Costs concern just the different tools for different requirements! If you want to use ALE for an EAI project you'll run major into major limitations that will cost you time, energy and money. If you want to use XI for a point-to-point integration between several SAP systems, you'd end up with too much technology for such effort and that'd cost you too.

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