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ABAP programmer to focus on EBP or CRM

I am an ABAP programmer and I want to focus on EBP or CRM. Which will have a better market?

I am an ABAP programmer and I want to focus on EBP or CRM. Which will have a better market?
I don't really like comparing mySAP solutions in the abstract. A better question is: which solution are you more interested in, and which one matches up best with your skills? Only you can answer that. But, as a rule, I like CRM better than EBP for technical folks, as many SAP CRM jobs do require a decent level of technical expertise. CRM is a suite of products, offering more project opportunities, whereas EBP is just one product with more limited roles. Sure, EBP is part of a larger field of products SAP calls "SRM," or Supplier Relationship Management, but as far as I can tell, EBP is the only one of these products that is truly "ready for prime time." I think the SRM space is more interesting for functional consultants with deep procurement backgrounds and B2B business process knowledge. Based on what you've told me, that doesn't sound like you, so, all things being equal, I like CRM for you. But in all honesty, I would prefer to see you move into SAP Web services/application integration, XML, Java, or even BW. I just think your existing skills would play better into those areas than they would into CRM or EBP. Just be sure to take a look at all available options before you make a major decision or career investment.

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