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A tool that will automatically discover relationships between Baan DB and SAP base tables

A user has a tool that will automatically identify relationships between Baan DB and SAP base tables but can't migrate the data directly to the base tables.

I am migrating from Baan to SAP. I have a tool that will automatically discover the relationships between Baan...

DB and the SAP base tables. This tool basically analyzes the data in both systems and automatically discovers the transformations. While I know this is difficult to believe, for the sake of this question, please assume that what I just stated is true (because it is).

The problem is that I can't migrate data directly to the base tables. I need the mapping between Baan and SAP to go to DMI which means I need to map the base tables to DMI. Once I do that, I can convert the mappings that I discovered between Baan and the SAP base tables into mappings that go from Baan to DMI.

What do you suggest? I wanted to know if you have the expertise to do this or can recommend someone who does.

I have no experience in this area nor do I know of a colleague who does.

One remark though, how can you map tables on database level without consulting the SAP data dictionary? Many tables are so called clustered or pooled, these 'logical' tables only exist inside the DDIC of SAP and have no physical counterpart. These tables share tables on database level.

This was last published in July 2006

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