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A future as a mySAP SRM consultant

Is the SRM field filled with bright future prospects? Expert Jon Reed offers advice to an SRM fresher.

I am a fresher in mySAP SRM. Actually I have two years of industrial experience in SCM domain with ABB -- one of the global leaders in automation and Power Technology. I was an end user there in MM and PP module of SAP. Now I am a consultant in mySAP SRM and again working with a global leader in SAP consultancy. Can you please put a light on the scope of this product in the market and future of SRM consultant?
I like the future of mySAP SRM. One thing we have to understand is that we can never truly predict the health of a particular area of SAP, because the complexities of supply and demand for a particular kind of SAP consultant are never easy to predict.

Having said that, we know that the SRM product involves a range of functions that are considered "mission critical" by SAP customers. Consider that SRM encompasses not just the core e-procurement app but other key areas, such as vendor managed inventory and private marketplace functionality. We are entering an era in SAP where it is hard to choose between core SAP work (MM in your case) versus the mySAP areas. Upgrades to core components are keeping the rates for core modules healthy, but we are also seeing some action on certain "mySAP areas" such as CRM and SRM.

On the other hand, APO seems to be a little flat, so not all mySAP products are taking off. And in fact, SAP seems to be on a path of bringing mySAP functionality back to the core, such as the decision to package BW with the core NetWeaver 2004s release.

My feeling about functional areas of SAP is that it's going to be important to be more than a "configuration specialist." To be an exceptional SAP consultant, if you pursue any area, SRM included, you want to master the best practices involved in Supplier Relationship Management. And then you want to be able to configure the SRM functionality to meet the needs of particular industries. It's the combination of deep configuration and industry knowledge that will keep you marketable. So choose a growth area, but make sure it also connects strongly to your professional interests. I think SRM would suit you well as such a focus.

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