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A career switch to mySAP CRM from Business One

Can a certified SAP Business One consultant switch to working with mySAP CRM without additional training? Expert Srini Katta answers.

I am a certified SAP Business One solution consultant. Can I get into mySAP CRM without formal training?
Your Business One experience will provide you accelerate learning of SAP CRM, as you don't need to go through prerequisite learning of SAP SD or any other relevant backend module. SAP CRM is customer centric software with several user interfaces like Customer Interaction Center, IC Webclient, e-commerce, portals and field sales interfaces. Mastering of any of the above user interfaces with one or more SAP CRM modules is a steep learning curve.

You may be able to pick up SAP CRM without formal training if you have proper system access and training material. Your learning may be steeper than if you go through formal instructor lead classroom training.

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