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3rd party training tools

Do you use any 3rd party tools for training? What would you recommend and why? Are you familiar with On-Demand?

Do you use any 3rd party tools for training? What would you recommend and why? Are you familiar with On-Demand...


There are several products on the market that can make your job easier - such as CentraOne, iTutor, PTS On Demand. CentraOne is a collaborative learning tool that allows you to share applications and training materials to deliver courses. iTutor and On Demand are two tools that you can record macros and deliver the training via a on-line help format as a tutorial. However, depending on the amount of training and how quickly it's changed, updating the macros can be time consuming. I also recently came across Authorware which you might want to check out on the web, although I have never used it.

You can also use CATT which is part of SAP or a tool call Mercury QuickTest to create lots of data from a scripts you record so that exercises can be run. It sounds like you need to request mgt to allow you to train some power users from each of the different areas across your company and in turn, they can train their colleagues.

This was last published in May 2002

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