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SAP Careers and certification FAQ

Learn from SAP career and certification expert Jon Reed about job hunting and career advancement. The most commonly asked questions on careers, including information on mySAP modules, certification classes, consulting and outsourcing.

FAQ EXPERT: Jon Reed is the President of, an interactive web site that features Jon's take on SAP career trends. features Jon's SAP Career Blog and his "SAP Consulting Trends" podcasts with industry insiders.

Jon has been publishing SAP career analysis for more than a decade. He is the author of the popular SAP Consultant Handbook. Throughout the industry's ebbs and flows, thousands of SAP professionals have tracked the SAP market through Jon's commentary. Jon can be reached at He is also the author of the recently released Resumes from Hell, an illustrated "how-not to" guide to the worst resumes ever made.

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Frequently Asked Questions: CAREERS AND CERTIFICATION

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  1. Is SAP right for me?
  2. How do I break into SAP with a certificate but no experience?
  3. I have SAP experience and want to become an independent consultant. How do I go about it?
  4. What does the future hold for SAP consultants?
  5. What module in SAP is best for me to undertake?
  6. What positions are most vulnerable to outsourcing?
  7. I'm a developer who wants to spring to managerial level. What's the best way to do this?
  8. What is your take on offshore competition?
  9. What are the current "hot" career areas? (as of 2005)
  10. What are some important things to keep in mind for an interview?
  11. How do I go about choosing the best offer in SAP?
  12. What's the difference between a functional and a technical consultant?
  13. Do I need skills in NetWeaver these days?
  14. Is ABAP right for me?
  15. What do I need to know in order to break into Basis?
  16. Is it best to get into BW or NetWeaver?

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