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Local data 'watch-outs'

As an add-on to a previous tip about having users Local Data switched on, there are a coupe of 'watch-outs' to consider.

As an add-on to a previous tip about having users Local Data switched on, there are a coupe of 'watch-outs' to consider.
When you switch on the Local Data, this creates an MS Access dB called SAPLocal<User ID>Data.mdb.
This file is located in the directory you specify when switching on the Local Data, it is also copied back to the NT Server where the users profile is held when they log off from NT (the file can be found under the SAPWORKDIR folder). Sometimes, users will find that SAP 'hangs' when they try something, and they will end the session through Task Mgr, log back on and the same thing happens. This is due to the database being corrupt. When you end all of the users SAP sessions and close the GUI down, check the database on the C-drive and you will see that the associated .LDB file is still there. This file is a register of who is using the data base. Both the LDB & MDB files will need to be deleted on the C-drive and the users home server. It is also worth finding out which other PCs the user has logged onto, and deleting them from those locations as well so that another corrupt version is not written back to the server. These corruptions are usually caused when the network is having problems or the users logged on more than once and one session times out and the data does not get written back to the dB correctly.
This was last published in August 2003

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