Dynamic load for customer tables

This report uploads the contents to any customer table (Z*) from an excel source file.

Restriction: the maximum lenght content of the cell is up to 32, because of the definition of KCD_EXCEL_OLE_TO_INT_CONVERT. You can use OLE to avoid limits, like used in the download sample option.
This code is written for version 4.6C.
REPORT ztablesexceltoz_dynamic .
*  David Infantes
*  Carga de tablas Z dinÁmica (nombre de la tabla seleccionable)

*  Formato del fichero excel:
*  Campo SAP     Formato celda     Contenido   Ejemplo xls->Result.SAP
*   fecha          General          AAAAMMDD   20030517   -> 17-may-2003
*   hora           Texto             HHMMSS    055932     -> 5:59:32 (*)
*   numc           General           nnnn      1          -> 0001

*   Si hay campos como material, proveedor, etc. que en SAP tienen una
*   transformaciÓn, hay que realizarla en el excel
*   Ejemplo: material 79 en SAP -> 000000000000000079 en Excel, (*)
*                     abc en SAP -> abc en Excel

*  Special format in excel:
*   SAP field    Cell format      Contents   Example xls->Result  inSAP
*   date           General          AAAAMMDD   20030517   -> 17-may-2003
*   time           Text              HHMMSS    055932     -> 5:59:32 (*)
*   numc           General           nnnn      1 

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-> 0001 * With SAP fields like material, customer, assigned to conversion rules * the conversion must be performed in Excel * Example: material 79 in SAP -> 000000000000000079 in Excel, (*) * abc in SAP -> abc in Excel * (*) Cells with Text format do not erase the leading zeros TYPE-POOLS abap. INCLUDE ole2incl. PARAMETERS: filename LIKE rlgrap-filename OBLIGATORY, pa_tab TYPE dd02l-tabname, p_maxrow(4) TYPE n, p_sample AS CHECKBOX. DATA: subrc LIKE sy-subrc, generic_table_wa TYPE REF TO data. FIELD-SYMBOLS <p_tab_wa> TYPE ANY. DATA: t_fields TYPE TABLE OF fieldname WITH HEADER LINE, t_details TYPE abap_compdescr_tab, wa_comp TYPE abap_compdescr. * handles for OLE objects DATA: h_excel TYPE ole2_object, " Excel object h_mapl TYPE ole2_object, " list of workbooks h_map TYPE ole2_object, " workbook h_zl TYPE ole2_object, " cell h_f TYPE ole2_object. " font * At Selection Screen Event........................... AT SELECTION-SCREEN ON VALUE-REQUEST FOR filename. CALL FUNCTION 'KD_GET_FILENAME_ON_F4' EXPORTING mask = '*.xls' static = 'X' CHANGING file_name = filename EXCEPTIONS mask_too_long = 1 OTHERS = 2. IF sy-subrc <> 0. MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4. ENDIF. START-OF-SELECTION. CREATE DATA generic_table_wa TYPE (pa_tab). ASSIGN generic_table_wa->* TO <p_tab_wa>. IF NOT p_sample IS INITIAL. PERFORM f_download_sample USING filename. ELSE. PERFORM f_excel_upload USING filename subrc. ENDIF. *======================================================================* * Subroutine to upload data from excel file from local PC * *----------------------------------------------------------------------* * ---> P_TAB Internal table for data to be uploaded * * ---> P_FILENAME File to be uploaded * * <--- P_RC Return Code * *======================================================================* FORM f_excel_upload USING p_filename LIKE rlgrap-filename p_rc LIKE sy-subrc . DATA : $i_intern TYPE kcde_cells OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE. DATA : $v_index TYPE i. DATA : $v_start_col TYPE i VALUE '1', $v_start_row TYPE i VALUE '1', $v_end_col TYPE i VALUE '256', $v_end_row TYPE i VALUE '65536'. FIELD-SYMBOLS : <$fs>. CALL FUNCTION 'KCD_EXCEL_OLE_TO_INT_CONVERT' EXPORTING filename = p_filename i_begin_col = $v_start_col i_begin_row = $v_start_row i_end_col = $v_end_col i_end_row = $v_end_row TABLES intern = $i_intern EXCEPTIONS inconsistent_parameters = 1 upload_ole = 2. MOVE : sy-subrc TO p_rc. CHECK NOT $i_intern[] IS INITIAL. SORT $i_intern BY row col. LOOP AT $i_intern. MOVE : $i_intern-col TO $v_index. ASSIGN COMPONENT $v_index OF STRUCTURE <p_tab_wa> TO <$fs>. MOVE : $i_intern-value TO <$fs>. AT END OF row. MODIFY (pa_tab) FROM <p_tab_wa>. IF sy-subrc EQ 0. COMMIT WORK. WRITE:/ 'ok', <p_tab_wa>. ELSE. WRITE:/ 'ER', <p_tab_wa>. ENDIF. CLEAR <p_tab_wa>. IF $i_intern-row = p_maxrow AND NOT p_maxrow IS INITIAL. WRITE: / p_maxrow, 'lineas leidas'. EXIT. ENDIF. ENDAT. ENDLOOP. ENDFORM. *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Form f_download_sample *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* * text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* * -->P_FILENAME text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* FORM f_download_sample USING p_filename. * Dynamic field description of a structure DATA: ref_descr TYPE REF TO cl_abap_structdescr. ref_descr ?= cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_data( <p_tab_wa> ). * Export to excel t_details[] = ref_descr->components[]. LOOP AT ref_descr->components INTO wa_comp. AT FIRST. APPEND 'Attributes' TO t_fields. ENDAT. APPEND wa_comp-name TO t_fields. ENDLOOP. PERFORM table2excel. CALL FUNCTION 'EXCEL_OLE_STANDARD_DAT' EXPORTING file_name = p_filename data_sheet_name = 'Hoja1' TABLES * data_tab = t_details fieldnames = t_fields EXCEPTIONS file_not_exist = 1 filename_expected = 2 communication_error = 3 ole_object_method_error = 4 ole_object_property_error = 5 invalid_filename = 6 invalid_pivot_fields = 7 download_problem = 8 OTHERS = 9. IF sy-subrc eq 1. MESSAGE i368(00) WITH 'You should save the file'. elseif sy-subrc <> 0. MESSAGE i368(00) WITH sy-subrc. ENDIF. ENDFORM. " f_download_sample *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Form table2excel *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* * text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* * --> p1 text * <-- p2 text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* FORM table2excel. * Linea DATA: h TYPE i, line TYPE i. FIELD-SYMBOLS <comp> TYPE ANY. * start Excel CREATE OBJECT h_excel 'EXCEL.APPLICATION'. PERFORM err_hdl. SET PROPERTY OF h_excel 'Visible' = 1. PERFORM err_hdl. * tell user what is going on CALL FUNCTION 'SAPGUI_PROGRESS_INDICATOR' EXPORTING * PERCENTAGE = 0 text = 'Opening workbook...' EXCEPTIONS OTHERS = 1. * get list of workbooks, initially empty CALL METHOD OF h_excel 'Workbooks' = h_mapl. PERFORM err_hdl. * add a new workbook CALL METHOD OF h_mapl 'Add' = h_map. PERFORM err_hdl. * tell user what is going on CALL FUNCTION 'SAPGUI_PROGRESS_INDICATOR' EXPORTING * PERCENTAGE = 0 text = 'Complete the internal table ...' EXCEPTIONS OTHERS = 1. * output column headings to active Excel sheet LOOP AT t_fields. h = sy-tabix. PERFORM fill_cell USING 1 h 1 t_fields. ENDLOOP. PERFORM fill_cell USING 2 1 0 'Length'. PERFORM fill_cell USING 3 1 0 'Decimals'. PERFORM fill_cell USING 4 1 0 'Type'. PERFORM fill_cell USING 5 1 0 'Sample entry'. LOOP AT t_details INTO wa_comp. h = sy-tabix + 1. PERFORM fill_cell USING 2 h 0 wa_comp-length. PERFORM fill_cell USING 3 h 0 wa_comp-decimals. PERFORM fill_cell USING 4 h 0 wa_comp-type_kind. ENDLOOP. line = 5. SELECT single * INTO <p_tab_wa> FROM (pa_tab). DO. ASSIGN COMPONENT sy-index OF STRUCTURE <p_tab_wa> TO <comp>. IF sy-subrc NE 0. EXIT. ENDIF. h = sy-index + 1. PERFORM fill_cell USING line h 0 <comp>. ENDDO. * disconnect from Excel FREE OBJECT h_excel. PERFORM err_hdl. ENDFORM. " table2excel *---------------------------------------------------------------------* * FORM FILL_CELL * *---------------------------------------------------------------------* * sets cell at coordinates i,j to value val boldtype bold * *---------------------------------------------------------------------* FORM fill_cell USING i j bold val. CALL METHOD OF h_excel 'Cells' = h_zl EXPORTING #1 = i #2 = j. PERFORM err_hdl. SET PROPERTY OF h_zl 'Value' = val . PERFORM err_hdl. GET PROPERTY OF h_zl 'Font' = h_f. PERFORM err_hdl. SET PROPERTY OF h_f 'Bold' = bold . PERFORM err_hdl. ENDFORM. *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *& Form ERR_HDL *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* * outputs OLE error if any * *----------------------------------------------------------------------* * --> p1 text * <-- p2 text *----------------------------------------------------------------------* FORM err_hdl. IF sy-subrc <> 0. WRITE: / 'OLE-Automation failed:'(010), sy-subrc. STOP. ENDIF. ENDFORM. " ERR_HDL

This was first published in June 2003

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