A tool for downloading an idoc structure and data to Excel

Here's a program/tool to download an idoc structure and its data in MS-Excel format. The tool extracts information like segment, field, occurrences, length, byte first, byte last, field value, qualifier meaning (if value is a qualifier), description in addition to the control record data. This tool can be used to build mapping specifications.

* Author: Amith Nikam,                                              * 
* Version : 2.0                                                        * 
* Date : 9/9/02                                                        * 
* This tool reads an existing Idoc and dispays the contents in a       * 
* spreadsheet format. The spreadsheet (MS-EXCEL) will be automatically * 
* created if D_EXCEL = 'X'.                                            * 

data: idoc_control like EDIDC, 
      NUMBER_OF_DATA_RECORDS like sy-dbcnt, 
      NUMBER_OF_STATUS_RECORDS like sy-dbcnt, 
      INT_EDIDS like edids occurs 0 with header line, 
      INT_EDIDD like edidd occurs 0 with header line. 


      excel_tab(2000) occurs 0 with header line. 


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DOCNUM like edidc-docnum obligatory, "Idoc Number sap_rel like SY-SAPRL default SY-SAPRL obligatory, pi_ver like EDI_VERREC-VERSION default '3' obligatory, d_excel as checkbox default 'X'. "Download ? start-of-selection. perform read_idoc. perform process_idoc. if d_excel = 'X'. perform download_to_excel. endif. end-of-selection. FORM read_idoc. CALL FUNCTION 'IDOC_READ_COMPLETELY' EXPORTING DOCUMENT_NUMBER = docnum IMPORTING IDOC_CONTROL = idoc_control NUMBER_OF_DATA_RECORDS = NUMBER_OF_DATA_RECORDS NUMBER_OF_STATUS_RECORDS = NUMBER_OF_STATUS_RECORDS TABLES INT_EDIDS = INT_EDIDS INT_EDIDD = INT_EDIDD EXCEPTIONS DOCUMENT_NOT_EXIST = 1 DOCUMENT_NUMBER_INVALID = 2 OTHERS = 3. IF SY-SUBRC <> 0. MESSAGE ID SY-MSGID TYPE SY-MSGTY NUMBER SY-MSGNO WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4. ENDIF. ENDFORM. " read_idoc FORM process_idoc. perform read_idoc_structure. perform display_data_records. ENDFORM. " process_idoc FORM display_data_records. data: PE_seg_HEADER like EDI_SAPI01, segname like EDI_IAPI12-SEGMENTTYP, prev_segname like EDI_IAPI12-SEGMENTTYP value ' ', pt_fields2 like EDI_IAPI12 occurs 0 with header line, PT_FVALUES2 like EDI_IAPI14 occurs 0 with header line, byte_first type i, byte_last type i, field_val(50), tmp_str(15), tmp_str3(15), seg_repeats type i value 0, tmp_str2(15), tab_cr(1) type x value '09', tot_ctr type i value 0, ctr type i value 0, msg(40) type c. data: IDOC_STRUCT_wa TYPE LEDID_IDOC_STRUCT. sort int_edidd by segnum. describe table int_edidd lines tot_ctr. loop at int_edidd. move int_edidd-segnam to segname. clear msg. concatenate 'Reading segment ' segname into msg separated by space. if tot_ctr <> 0. ctr = ( 100 * sy-tabix ) / tot_ctr. endif. CALL FUNCTION 'SAPGUI_PROGRESS_INDICATOR' EXPORTING PERCENTAGE = ctr TEXT = msg. add 1 to seg_repeats. clear tmp_str2. if int_edidd-segnam <> prev_segname. seg_repeats = 1. clear: pe_seg_header, pt_fields2, pt_fvalues2. refresh: pt_fields2, pt_fvalues2. CALL FUNCTION 'SEGMENT_READ_COMPLETE' EXPORTING PI_SEGTYP = segname PI_RELEASE = sap_rel PI_VERSION = pi_ver IMPORTING PE_HEADER = pe_seg_header TABLES PT_FIELDS = pt_fields2 PT_FVALUES = pt_fvalues2 EXCEPTIONS SEGMENT_UNKNOWN = 1 SEGMENT_STRUCTURE_UNKNOWN = 2 OTHERS = 3. IF SY-SUBRC <> 0. MESSAGE ID SY-MSGID TYPE 'I' NUMBER SY-MSGNO WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4. ENDIF. prev_segname = int_edidd-segnam. endif. read table idoc_struct into idoc_struct_wa with key segment_type = int_edidd-segnam. if sy-subrc = 0. IF IDOC_STRUCT_WA-SYNTAX_ATTRIB-MUSTFL = 'X'. TMP_STR = 'Mandatory'. "Mandatory ELSE. TMP_STR = 'Optional'. "Optional ENDIF. if IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SEGMENT_TYPE_ATTRIB-QUALIFIER = 'X'. tmp_str3 = 'Qualified'. else. tmp_str3 = 'Non-Qualified'. endif. shift IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SYNTAX_ATTRIB-OCCMAX left deleting leading '0'. move seg_repeats to tmp_str2. condense: IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SYNTAX_ATTRIB-OCCMAX, tmp_str2. concatenate tmp_str2 'of' IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SYNTAX_ATTRIB-OCCMAX into tmp_str2 separated by space. write :/ IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SEGMENT_TYPE, tmp_str, TMP_STR3, tmp_str2, IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SYNTAX_ATTRIB-HLEVEL, IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SEGMENT_TYPE_ATTRIB-plast, IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SEGMENT_TYPE_ATTRIB-DESCRP. if d_excel = 'X'. concatenate 'Segment Name' tab_cr 'Mand / Opt ' tab_cr 'Qual / non-Qual' tab_cr 'Seq of Max' tab_cr 'Level' tab_cr 'Owner' tab_cr 'Description' into excel_tab. append excel_tab. concatenate IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SEGMENT_TYPE tab_cr tmp_str tab_cr TMP_STR3 tab_cr tmp_str2 tab_cr IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SYNTAX_ATTRIB-HLEVEL tab_cr IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SEGMENT_TYPE_ATTRIB-plast tab_cr IDOC_STRUCT_wa-SEGMENT_TYPE_ATTRIB-DESCRP into excel_tab. append excel_tab. concatenate tab_cr 'Field Nma' tab_cr 'Type' tab_cr 'Length' tab_cr 'Byte From' tab_cr 'Byte To' tab_cr 'Description' tab_cr 'Value' tab_cr 'Qualifier Meaning' into excel_tab. append excel_tab. endif. endif. sort pt_fields2 by field_pos. byte_first = 0. loop at pt_fields2. clear: field_val. byte_last = pt_fields2-EXTLEN. write int_edidd-sdata+byte_first(byte_last) to field_val left-justified. shift pt_fields2-EXTLEN left deleting leading '0'. shift pt_fields2-byte_first left deleting leading '0'. shift pt_fields2-byte_last left deleting leading '0'. write:/ ' ', pt_fields2-fieldname, pt_fields2-datatype, pt_fields2-EXTLEN, pt_fields2-byte_first , pt_fields2-byte_last, pt_fields2-descrp, field_val. read table pt_fvalues2 with key fieldname = pt_fields2-fieldname fldvalue_l = field_val. add byte_last to byte_first. if sy-subrc = 0. write : pt_fvalues2-descrp. else. clear pt_fvalues2-descrp. endif. if d_excel = 'X'. concatenate tab_cr pt_fields2-fieldname tab_cr pt_fields2-datatype tab_cr pt_fields2-EXTLEN tab_cr pt_fields2-byte_first tab_cr pt_fields2-byte_last tab_cr pt_fields2-descrp tab_cr field_val tab_cr pt_fvalues2-descrp into excel_tab. append excel_tab. endif. endloop. endloop. ENDFORM. " display_data_records FORM read_idoc_structure. data: idoctype type LEDID_IDOCTYPE. if not idoc_control-cimtyp is initial. STRUCT_TYPE = 'E'. "Extended idoctype = idoc_control-cimtyp. else. STRUCT_TYPE = 'B'. "Basic idoctype = idoc_control-idoctp. endif. CALL FUNCTION 'IDOC_TYPE_COMPLETE_READ' EXPORTING RELEASE = sap_rel STRUCT_TYPE = STRUCT_TYPE IDOCTYPE = idoctype VERSION = pi_ver * IMPORTING * IDOC_TYPE = idoctype TABLES IDOC_STRUCT = idoc_struct SEGMENTS = segments SEGMENT_STRUCT = segment_struct EXCEPTIONS IDOCTYPE_UNKNOWN = 1 IDOCSTRUCT_UNKNOWN = 2 SEGMENT_DATA_MISSING = 3 ILLEGAL_STRUCT_TYPE = 4 OTHERS = 5. IF SY-SUBRC <> 0. MESSAGE ID SY-MSGID TYPE SY-MSGTY NUMBER SY-MSGNO WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4. ENDIF. ENDFORM. " read_idoc_structure FORM download_to_excel. data: name like RLGRAP-FILENAME. shift docnum left deleting leading '0'. concatenate docnum '-' idoc_control-idoctp '.xls' into name. CALL FUNCTION 'RH_START_EXCEL_WITH_DATA' EXPORTING DATA_NAME = name DATA_TYPE = 'ASC' WAIT = ' ' TABLES DATA_TAB = excel_tab EXCEPTIONS NO_BATCH = 1 EXCEL_NOT_INSTALLED = 2 WRONG_VERSION = 3 INTERNAL_ERROR = 4 INVALID_TYPE = 5 CANCELLED = 6 DOWNLOAD_ERROR = 7 OTHERS = 8 . IF SY-SUBRC <> 0. MESSAGE ID SY-MSGID TYPE SY-MSGTY NUMBER SY-MSGNO WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4. ENDIF. ENDFORM. " download_to_excel

This was first published in January 2003

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