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  • Quiz: SAP XI for beginners

    More and more people are realizing that SAP XI is a growing module with a significant shortage of consultants. Interested in starting your SAP career by becoming an SAP XI consultant? Start by taking this quiz that...

  • An ABAP user wants to learn XI

    I am an ABAP user with almost two years of experience. I would like to be trained in the area of SAP XI. I have basic Java with web application knowledge. How is the XI market? What should I do?

  • ALE versus SAP XI

    Find out what benefits SAP XI has over ALE and vice versa in this expert response by Andre Truong.

  • Without Java experience: SAP BI or XI?

    I'm an SAP consultant with four years of SAP ABAP experience and one year of SAP BW experience. Change is on my mind now. I'm thinking about moving to full SAP BI or SAP XI with enterprise portal. Which would you advise for someone...

  • With Java development experience, should I go into SAP XI?

    I have been a Java/J2EE developer for over seven years. People have suggested that I learn enterprise portal (EP), but I want to learn something that's strong in the market. What is a good SAP module for me to learn? How about...

  • File formats for SAP XI

    Axel Angeli lists the three file formats in which SAP XI can receive info from third parties.

  • Which to learn first: XI, ABAP, or SD?

    Which to learn first: XI, ABAP, or SD?

  • Is Netweaver EP/XI suitable for a software engineer

    I was a software engineer for 2 years. I worked with Java, JSP, servlets etc. Presently I am in a non-IT field. I wish to switch to the IT field again but involving SAP this time. Do do you think Netweaver EP/XI would be suitable...

  • SAP XI Learning Guide

    Excited about XI? We thought so. This learning guide will provide you with all the information you need to gain a better understanding of SAP Exchange Infrastructure. Browse through this compilation of Web resources, news, white...

  • Problems configuring XI files

    I'm fairly new to XI architecture. I'm experiencing problems in configuring XI files in the inbound adapter. I get the following error: "no lister registered for service /sap/xi/engine..." when an...

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