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  • rainbow table

    A rainbow table is a listing of all possible plaintext permutations of encrypted passwords specific to a given hash algorithm. Rainbow tables are often used by password cracking software for network security attacks.

  • SAP announces SAP BW 7.4, promising simplicity and flexibility

    SAP this week announced the release of SAP BW 7.4, which the German software maker said is faster and offers more flexibility compared with previous versions of its Business Warehouse software, due to expanded use of technologies like Smart Data...

  • What does it cost to run SAP projects in AWS cloud?

    Over the course of last year, I saw a number of SAP initiatives running within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud as the test and demo system. Having had a lot of experience of running...

  • What's the difference between different SAP production types?

    How do I know which production type will best support my manufacturing processes?

    Deciding which production type to implement in SAP ERP that can best serve a...

  • Can SQL combine tables like these? Doubtful

    Can SQL combine tables where the values don't relate to one another? One expert says it's difficult unless you redesign the tables.

  • Google BigTable

    Google BigTable (also frequently spelled Bigtable) is a distributed, column-oriented data store created by Google Inc. to handle very large amounts of structured data associated with the company's Internet search and Web services...

  • Polish your IT reporting by tinkering with Excel table formatting

    Admins can manage IT reporting data on things such as vendor support levels in an Excel table, if they can properly format, save and update that data.

  • US startup aims to turn tables on hackers

    US startup Shape Security is turning the tables against hackers by using one of their own techniques against them

  • Excel pivot tables can help IT admins track support, costs

    Excel isn't just for end users. If you know how to properly filter data with Excel pivot tables, you can track expenses and create detailed reports.

  • Bringing SaaS ideas to the planning table: Four CIO tips

    Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which business applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to users over a network, typically the Internet or

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