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  • Unified communications technology basics

    From telephony to conferencing, there are many components that make up unified communications technology. Learn the basics of unified communications.

  • IPsec vs. SSL VPNs: Understanding the basics

    While some virtual private networks can be complex to deploy and manage, understanding the basic differences between the two main types of VPNs doesn’t have to be.

    In this infographic, we break down some of high-level areas where...

  • Security basics overlooked, says Heathrow CISO

    Data security is complex, but the basics are often overlooked says Mark Jones, chief information security officer at Heathrow Airports Limited

  • White box switches: Understanding the basics

    White box switches and their associated operating systems are poised to make an impact on the networking industry during 2014.

    White box Ethernet switches offer IT the advantages of flexibility, lower Capex and potentially lower operating...

  • SDN basics: Understanding centralized control and programmability

    Network engineers who want to learn about SDN basics must begin with the concepts of centralized control and network programmability.

  • World of BI still a ways away from reaching nirvana, says SAP

    Business intelligence (BI) has come a long way over the years, spurred by newer technologies like in-memory databases and the creation of applications built around predictive analytics and sophisticated data visualization tools. Where's it all...

  • Learn the basic principles of an offloaded data transfer

    What is an offloaded data transfer? How does it differ from regular file transfers, and how can an enterprise benefit from it?

    Storage is a critical resource in any data center environment, but storage is also the slowest resource....

  • Communications-enabled business process basics

    A communications-enabled business process (CEBP) enhances an enterprise's existing business processes. It can make collaboration within an enterprise more efficient and cut costs. But what, exactly, is CEBP and what technologies are involved?...

  • For international travelers, is basic business data security enough?

    NBC's report on hacking in Russia stretched the truth, experts said, but travelers who ignore business data security basics face risks everywhere.

  • Get more out of your SAP JAM implementation with these tips

    Tips for successful adoption of SAP Jam, SAP's social collaboration platform, include aligning Jam so that it fits business processes and making sure that employees are open to a new way of working, according to experts and...

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