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  • Exchange 2013 SP1 features that will make admins happy

    Microsoft released Service Pack 1 -- also known as Cumulative Update 4 -- for Exchange Server 2013 in February of this year. Admins anticipated this update, as the Service Pack 1 era typically precludes the start of many migration projects. It's...

  • EMC tailors data protection products for app admins

    EMC today added features across all of its major data protection products in the second phase of its strategy to provide backup for non-backup administrators....

  • IT admins, MDM vendors mull Apple Device Enrollment Program integration

    A month after its introduction, IT professionals and vendors are still sifting through the changes presented in Apple's bulk MDM enrollment program and the potential benefits it could provide.

    Apple Inc.  rolled out the  Device...

  • Five Mac tips for Windows desktop admins straddling two OSes

    Desktop admins may have to support Mac OS in addition to Windows machines, so here are some Mac tips to help make your life easier.

  • Windows Server PKI improvements admins should know

    As security changes with each Windows Server release, admins should keep up with the PKI improvements.

  • What virtualization admins need to know about flash storage

    Flash, or solid-state drive, storage seemed ready to seize the spotlight four or five years ago, but fell short when users found that the downsides -- namely, limited write cycles and high cost -- didn't outweigh the performance benefits. But...

  • What Dropbox for Business has to offer admins and users

    Dropbox has enhanced Dropbox for Business to address concerns about data security and to support more robust centralized administration.

    Many workers use the consumer version of...

  • An admin's guide to mobile application security and delivery

    Dealing with mobile applications in the BYOD era isn't an easy task, especially because consumer apps don't always have the enterprise in mind and enterprise apps aren't usually the first choice among users.

    But IT administrators looking...

  • Excel pivot tables can help IT admins track support, costs

    One of the most difficult things an IT administrator has to do is to provide data to enterprise management to justify labor costs, equipment expenditures and the like. Admins also need to analyze service call reports to make sure an organization...

  • Getting Windows admins started with Linux server distros

    So, you're a Windows administrator who's also responsible for a few Linux servers in your network. Normally they just do what they're supposed to, but on some occasions you have to do a bit of management. You probably have a few...

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