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  • Chapter of the month -- January 2007

    This book examines SAP xApp analytics from a real-world viewpoint; challenges and opportunities, practical applications and working examples. 

  • Visual Composer for xApp analysis

    Get inside Visual Composer and its functionality within NetWeaver for composite applications. 

  • Quiz: Duet 101

    You've heard about Duet, the joint SAP-Microsoft product formerly code-named Mendocino. But are you up to speed on the features, requirements and future improvements currently on the horizon? Find out here! 

  • What are SAP xApp Analytics?

    Curious about all the talk about xApp Analytics? This in-depth discussion between Business Process expert Helen Sunderland and xApp Analytics implementation expert Greg Root examines what exactly xApp Analytics does and how it can benefit your compan... 

  • Book: SAP xApps and the Composite Application Framework

    This book provides the overview you need to begin developing SAP xApps and custom composite applications using the composite application framework. This sample chapter from SAP Press delves into the benefits of the flexible application architecture. 

  • IDoc/ALE and NetWeaver WebAS development FAQ

    Veteran guru Axel Angeli has been helping users with NetWeaver development issues for years. Here are his most frequently resurfacing questions. 

  • NetWeaver

    NetWeaver is an application builder from SAP for integrating business processes and databases from a number of sources while exploiting the leading Web services technologies. 

  • Moving from SAP xMII to another SAP area

    Advice on moving from SAP xMII to another SAP area, such as PI or ABAP. 

  • SAP exec talks partners, platforms and the SAP economy

    Learn SAP partner ecosystem trends. SAP's Zia Yusuf discusses the developer network, NetWeaver development fund usage, and why he thinks SAP's model beats's. 

  • NetWeaver

    NetWeaver is an application builder from SAP for integrating business processes and databases from a number of sources while exploiting the leading Web services technologies. 

  • Using virtual servers for communication between xMII servers

    Did you know that the SAP xMII Virtual Server Connector can help you to query a remote xMII server without a direct connection to the data source? This tip explains how. 

  • A composite application cookbook

    This blog post discusses how to use the CAF/GP to model an application with two enterprise services and one external Web service with minimal coding. 

  • Generic Web service interface

    Andre Truong clarifies a past response with further information on the interface for a generic Web service. 

  • Getting started with Dynamic Graphics in xMII 11.5

    Are you intimidated by SVG/Dynamic Graphics in SAP xMII? Never fear, this SDN tip will give you a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started. 

  • How to integrate SAP xMII with SAP ERP

    You can accomplish communication between ERP and xMII in several ways. This tip from SAP Developer Network walks through all the major methods, including using a BLS transaction as a Web service or HTTP service, sending IDocs, and more. 

  • BAPIs in xApps; RFCs

    A reader wonders whether BAPIs are a good fit for composite applications and how RFCs differ from other functional modules. Expert Andre Truong answers. 

  • xApps bring in $200 million in 2006; partners a key

    SAP reported that xApps license revenue reached $200 million in 2006 and says partners will continue to be a key development force in the future. 

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About SAP xApps

SAP xApps, or Composite Applications, are based on the SAP ESOA, meaning they use SAP enterprise SOA services and run on an SAP NetWeaver application server. SAP xApps include small-footprint software products from SAP, SAP partners and customers. Most xApps are targeted at specific industries or verticals.