SAP virtualization

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  • Guide to virtualization for mission-critical SAP applications

    This expert e-book explains the recent trend towards running mission-critical SAP applications on virtualized servers. Read it now for an overview of the current SAP virtualization landscape, as well as detailed answers to critical SAP virtualization... 

  • I want to enter SAP market, but not as a programmer

    I am currently working on Oracle and Unix technologies as an analyst programmer in Australia. I have been in IT for more than seven years and looking for a change (i.e., non-programming background in SAP). Could you please suggest what area in SAP I ... 

  • Factors to consider when choosing server hardware for SAP environments

    In this webcast, learn the key strategies for making intelligent, strategic decisions when it comes to servers for your SAP environment. 

  • Making the case for SAP virtualization

    Running SAP software in a virtual environment provides the opportunity for significant cost savings, but in difficult economic times, every expenditure must be justified. SAP virtualization expert Chris Carter details how to make the case for an SAP ... 

  • Hidden costs in an SAP virtualization project

    Learn about the expenses and savings organizations may not typically take into account when embarking on SAP virtualization. 

  • Making the case for SAP virtualization

    In this video, find out how to make the case for an SAP virtualization project. 

  • SAP virtualization test

    Server virtualization provides the opportunity to save significantly on hardware and that's something many companies running SAP want to know more about. caught up with Chris Carter, a consultant who specializes in virtualizing SAP envi... 

  • Getting started with SAP virtualization

    In this video series from SAP Sapphire 2009, Chris Carter, president and CEO of HiLn, discusses how to get started with an SAP virtualization project. 

About SAP virtualization

SAP virtualization can be an ideal option for saving money and manpower. Learn how SAP customers are getting started with virtualization technology. Find out why most customers are still virtualizing SAP applications in non-production environments like testing and development, but why some are virtualizing their mission-critical SAP applications. Find out about companies that have set up an SAP virtualization infrastructure and the challenges and benefits they have encountered.