SAP support and maintenance

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  • Enterprise applications and SAP server virtualization

    There's a lot to consider when choosing servers for SAP software, including differences among vendors. In this handbook, get a comprehensive look at the best practices for sizing and other functional requirements that can affect performance. Lastly, ... 

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  • technical debt

    In software development, technical debt is a metaphor equating Extreme Programming’s incremental, get-something-started approach with the easy acquisition of money through fast loans. In business, the metaphor is often used to illustrate the concept ... 

  • SAP Solution Manager

    SAP Solution Manager is an end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform used to support and manage SAP and non-SAP applications in an SAP ERP environment, including such tasks as managing custom code and overall system performance. 

About SAP support and maintenance

Support and maintenance of SAP systems take up a good part of an SAP administrator's budget. Learn best practices for SAP support and SAP software maintenance and SAP support programs.