SAP implementation and upgrades

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  • Enterprise applications and SAP server virtualization

    There's a lot to consider when choosing servers for SAP software, including differences among vendors. In this handbook, get a comprehensive look at the best practices for sizing and other functional requirements that can affect performance. Lastly, ... 

  • Set up for success with an ERP upgrade project plan

    In this first issue of Business Applications Digest, find advice from industry insiders on mastering the five success factors for enterprise resource planning (ERP) upgrades, choosing the best fit between 'best of breed' business intelligence (BI) an... 

  • Developing a winning SAP BI strategy in SAP BW shops

    In this e-book, learn how to develop a solid data warehousing and SAP BI strategy in SAP shops, including tips on better leveraging BW and factors to consider when moving off Bex. 

  • E-Book: Getting the most out of SAP BI

    In this e-book, readers will get an overview of SAP BI strategy, and get advice on what to do about BEx, BW, and more to develop long-term BI strategies of their own. Read on to learn how to get the most out of your BI investment in an SAP environmen... 

  • Managing a technical SAP ERP upgrade: Tips and best practices

    SAP upgrades are a perennial challenge - especially for organizations with many instances or customizations. The struggling economy has also made it all the more difficult to make a case for a technical SAP ERP upgrade. But maintaining upgrade best p... 

  • E-book: Creating an enterprise content management strategy

    This expert e-book offers advice on how organizations can apply ECM technology and techniques as well as insight into issues such as how programs can be funded and organized successfully. Learn some of the leading best practices that can help ensure ... 

  • Planning upgrades in global SAP environments

    In this e-book, find out what you need to know before embarking on a global SAP upgrade project. Learn best practices and tips for global SAP upgrades. Read a real-world case study about an SAP upgrade for a major multinational - and discover insider... 

  • Key trends in SAP managed hosting environments: Is your provider keeping pace?

    In this e-book, learn more about key trends affecting SAP managed hosting environments. Find out how the emergence of cloud computing is impacting the managed hosting market. Learn more about virtualization and find out important considerations when ... 

  • ASAP (AcceleratedSAP)

    ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) is a step-by-step methodology for speeding up the implementation of an SAP R/3 system. The components of ASAP, which can be used together or individually, are called accelerators. 

About SAP implementation and upgrades

Whether you're looking at a full NetWeaver upgrade or an SAP ERP technical upgrade, find information that can help you with SAP implementations and SAP upgrades. Learn how to create a timetable for an upgrade and how to avoid downtime during the upgrade.