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  • Introduction to SAP ABAP internal tables

    In this SAP Press book chapter download, find an overview of SAP ABAP internal tables. Learn about the different ABAP table types available. 

  • Introduction to SAP ABAP internal tables

    In this SAP Press book chapter download, find an overview of SAP ABAP internal tables. Learn about the different ABAP table types available. 

  • Working with ABAP date and time data types

    In this book chapter excerpt, you'll find an introduction to SAP ABAP date and time data types. You'll also learn how to create calculations using the built-in date and time data. 

  • Understanding ABAP programming bits and bytes

    In this book chapter excerpt, find out how to read and navigate ABAP coding at the bits and bytes level. In addition, learn how to use ABAP bitwise operators to write Boolean algebraic expressions. 

  • Advanced ABAP operations with elementary data types

    In this book chapter excerpt, discover some ABAP advanced operations that can be performed using elementary data. You'll also learn how to use these features in your ABAP programs. 

  • Tips on SAP ABAP's application development expert, Matthew Billingham offers tips and advice on working with SAP ABAP as well as program design, SAP troubleshooting, Java, BAPI, XML, RFC and SAPscript. 

  • SAP NetWeaver Configuration and Customization

    Learn how to customize and configure NetWeaver and get tips for SAP NetWeaver configuration. Get tips for NetWeaver development success and extend SAP value. 

  • SAP ABAP development quiz

    Are you interested in ABAP? Of course you are. It is one of the essential SAP languages and knowledge of ABAP is very valuable. Test your ABAP skills here. 

  • ABAP jobs and more: Special report

    ABAP and ABAP jobs continue to be important topics for SAP developers. This special report provides the latest news, analysis and tips on getting, and keeping, ABAP jobs. 

  • Chapter 6: 'Advanced Concepts in ABAP Objects'

    Based on ABAP Objects, this 1000+ page book describes all concepts of modern ABAP up to Release 7.0 (including a "sneak preview" of Release 7.10). Brand new topics found in the new edition include SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP, Regular Expres... 

  • See more Essential Knowledge on SAP ABAP
  • ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)

    ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is a programming language for developing applications for the SAP R/3 system, a widely-installed business application subsystem. (Continued...) 

  • ABAP Workbench

    ABAP Workbench is a set of programs for developing enterprise resource management (ERM) applications that run in the R/3 subsystem from SAP. The latest version includes ABAP Objects, an object-oriented programming language. 

  • R/3 Repository

    In the R/3 system from SAP, the R/3 Repository is the central place where development components in the ABAP Workbench are stored. 

  • CATT (Computer Aided Test Tool)

    CATT (Computer Aided Test Tool) is a test tool in the ABAP Workbench package from SAP, part of its popular R/3 system. 

  • ABAP Objects

    In the R/3 product from the German software company, SAP, ABAP Objects is a programming language and part of the ABAP Workbench that allows developers to create and run applications that contain program objects. 

  • BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface)

    BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) is a set of interfaces to object-oriented programming methods that enable a programmer to integrate third-party software into the proprietary R/3 product from SAP. 


SAP ABAP development covers topics relates to the ABAP 4GL programming language. ABAP remains the language for creating programs for R/3. SAP's most recent development platform, NetWeaver, supports both ABAP and Java. To use ABAP to enhance SAP applications requires knowledge of relational database design and object-oriented concepts.