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HP Mission Critical Services Resource Center

Mission critical IT resources drive business productivity, operations and the extended corporate infrastructure. This resource center will provide insight needed for organizations to evalaute support systems for mission critical systems. Learn how to reduce costs and risks by delivering the right support, when and where you need it.

HP Services Delivery Capabilities

  • Nation’s top sports franchise transforms fan experience: IT team builds and runs IT innovation

    Custom -- Case Study -- After collaborating with HP Services consultants to plan, implement and smoothly transfer to a virtualized IT infrastructure while building in-house expertise, the Dallas Cowboys were able to lower total cost of ownership by $1 million per year and increase event-day earnings by 30% in first year alone. Read this case study for the details.

  • HP Mission Critical Services: ROI Benefit Analysis

    White Paper -- IDC recently investigated challenges and opportunities associated with the support and operation of  business processes. One component involved an exploration of the range of business values derived from using HP Mission Critical Services  to manage the cost of downtime and increase the efficiency of the IT operation. Read this paper for more.

  • How to Get the Most Out of Virtualization

    White Paper -- Virtualization can enable organizations to create more agile IT services, with greater resilience and availability, and lower cost. This white paper shows why it is important to pay proper attention to all aspects of people, processes, tools, and knowledge, as well as the technology needed to get value from virtualization.

  • HP and The Nation’s Top Sports Franchise

    Promo -- Videocast -- Watch this video and learn how the Dallas Cowboys minimize downtime risk, improve operational efficiency and respond rapidly to change by teaming up with HP Mission Critical Services.

  • Hard New Reality for CIOs

    White Paper -- A recent McKinsey’s survey on executive satisfaction with corporate IT performance finds cost-conscious leadership continuing to reduce spending and worrying about uncertainty yet still expecting IT to deliver ideas that lower costs, reduce risks, and strengthen a firm’s competitive edge. Read this paper for detailed results.

  • HP Services Delivery Capabilities:  Reducing costs and risks by delivering the right support, where and when you need it

    White Paper -- This position paper outlines the services delivery capabilities available from HP and demonstrates the difference they can make in technology environments by making technology work so the business works. HP’s capabilities are based on proven best practices that focus on placing the best people, processes, and support technologies at your service.