SAP Sapphire Now 2013: Special conference coverage

SAP Sapphire Now 2013: Special conference coverage

Daily news and analysis from the SAP Sapphire Now Conference, May 13-16 in Orlando.

SAP Sapphire Now is upon us. Every year, business and IT executives come to the annual conference from around the world to learn more about SAP and how its software works. will be at the event, May 13-16 in Orlando, to talk with customers, SAP executives, product experts and analysts and to find out what's going on with SAP's latest initiatives around initiatives like HANA and in-memory computing, mobile technology and BusinessObjects, as well as its on-demand applications.

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SAP Sapphire Now 2013 news

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SAP Sapphire Now 2013 blogs

Observations and analysis from our on-site reporters, along with selected industry analyst blogs.

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Video reports from SAP Sapphire Now 2013

During the 2013 Sapphire Now conference, we'll be talking to SAP executives, customers and experts for their insights and reactions to product releases, road map details and other news coming out of the annual meeting.

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As news and features editor for, Todd Morrison covers a wide range of issues relating to SAP and its customers, including analytics, in-memory computing, social media, mobility and cloud technologies.

David Essex oversees editorial strategy and execution for the application-specific sites in TechTarget's business applications and architecture media group, including SearchSAP. He has covered IT for 27 years as an editor at BYTE, PC Resource and 80 Micro, and as a freelancer for Computerworld, PC World and numerous other publications and websites.

Brian McKenna is the Business Applications Editor for Computer Weekly. He covers information management and business applications. He joined TechTarget in 2011, and is a former editor of Computer Weekly (print), Infosecurity magazine, and other titles.