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SAP ERP project management

  • What is the MDM market like right now?

    I have seven years of IT experience and 4 years in SAP Portal (java, WebDynpro, iviews). Now I would like to update my skill set with another SAP module. I was thinking of MDM. What is the current MDM market like right now, and what will it be in ...  Continue Reading

  • An SAP manufacturing career move

    I am a certified SAP PP consultant with eight years of functional experience in manufacturing (Steel and Mining) and one year of SAP experience. Currently I am working for a multinational company as an SAP manufacturing consultant in high end ...  Continue Reading

  • Without Java experience: SAP BI or XI?

    I'm an SAP consultant with four years of SAP ABAP experience and one year of SAP BW experience. Change is on my mind now. I'm thinking about moving to full SAP BI or SAP XI with enterprise portal. Which would you advise for someone without much of a...  Continue Reading

  • Breaking into SAP with an IT background

    I have been in the IT industry for almost 15 years now. I have been a Microsoft Windows administrator, a technical consultant covering presales and post sales support and am currently a project manager. I am more interested in becoming an SAP ...  Continue Reading

  • Certification in SME, PM or architecture

    I am an SAP systems analyst at a major insurance company in the Chicago area. I have been working with the SAP FS-CD (commissions and disbursements) module for more than three years. I would like to continue expanding my functional/technical ...  Continue Reading

  • Breaking into SAP HR

    I have masters in business management with five years experience in human resources. I was recently trained on SAP HR and am now practicing it and looking for junior level jobs. I am also planning to do SAP HR certification. Please advise me on how ...  Continue Reading

  • How big is demand for SAP CRM consultants?

    What is the demand for SAP CRM consultants in the UK?  Continue Reading

  • Holding experience in ABAP, do I go SAP XI or BI?

    I hold a certification in ABAP and have been working with it for last two months. Can you tell me any information regarding the growth of the SAP XI? Which is the better option for a beginner in ABAP: SAP BW or SAP XI?  Continue Reading

  • RFC timeout problems

    I have a WEB/AS based R/3 Internet sales RFC call calling to a 4.6D (Basis 620) R/3 system. My problem is with RFC timeouts; what is the default value and how can I change it? There is nothing that I can modify on the WEB/AS ICM admin side. Is there...  Continue Reading

  • Migrating SAP CRM 4.0

    How do I migrate SAP CRM 4.0 with J2EE, IPC and Trex? I am worried because CRM 4.0 is 620 and the latest migration CD comes with 620/640.  Continue Reading

  • SAPgui disconnection problem

    We are having a problem with clients disconnecting from the SAPgui. They are attempting to connect to a Solaris/Unix server through a firewall. We have found that the connection to the Wintel server is fine, but not the UNIX server. Clients on the ...  Continue Reading