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Ask the Experts

SAP CRM software

  • Integrating SAP CRM 5.0 to an R/3 system

    I need to integrate our SAP CRM 5.0 system to a backend R/3 system. So far CRM has been working as a standalone system with some transactions already posted in the system. We have a single product defined in the CRM system for which categories and ...  Continue Reading

  • Tracking clients in SAP CRM 4.0

    I need to track all clients in the system registered in the last month to contact them and offer them new services. Some clients may tell us to contact them in a specified date so we need to track this information as well as what they purchase. Is ...  Continue Reading

  • A frozen interaction record in SAP CRM

    We have CTI with mySAP CRM IC installed at our unit. Mostly, we follow the process "identify account", and then click to load an interaction record. We cannot input anything and must exit the mySAP application. Do you have any thoughts on what our...  Continue Reading

  • Downloading the CRM relationship from the R/3 partner function

    How do you download the CRM relationship from R/3 partner function? In other words, in R/3 the payer has ship-to, sold-to, and bill-to. How do I maintain these relationships in CRM from R/3? Can I download them as the master data download?  Continue Reading

  • Record management and CRM solution

    Currently we are implementing a solution whereby both record management and CRM work together i.e. RMS sits on a CRM box. How do the roles work in this case? Must we use the roles for CRM separate from RMS?  Continue Reading