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Logging off SAP

We are using VB to communicate with SAP throughout DCOM Connector. I was following the VB example to set up the...

Session object and logon to SAP. In the examples, there is no logoff method. I need to set the Session Object to logoff from SAP. However, this sometimes does not log off properly. We found that sometimes we get a error log in the system log(SM21). The log is as following: R49 Communication Error, CPIC return code 020, SAP return code 233 R5A, Conversation ID: 99860671 R64 CPI-C Function: CMSEND(SAP) And in SM04, sometimes the user remains there for a long time. Here is the VB code that I am using to logon and end the program. Set objQuoteSession = CreateObject("SAP.QuoteCreationSession") objQuoteSession.PutSessionInfo strServerName, UserName, Password, Language, Client Boo = objQuoteSession.Logon(strError) Set objQuotation = objQuoteSession.CreateInstance("CAN.Quote") ................ Set objQuotation = Nothing Set objQuoteSession = Nothing Could you tell me what I did wrong? Is there a proper way to logoff from SAP?

Your code looks correct to me. Please report this as a possible bug to SAP.

This was last published in October 2001

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